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Your ads should be as smart as your AI.

Support your generative AI app with prompt-relevant ads that fit your UX.

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I'm going hiking in Vermont, what should I bring?I'm buying a birthday gift for my sister. She likes gardeningHow do I do tax loss harvesting?

Ads That Add to Your User Experience

With generative AI, you never know what your users will come up with. Neither do advertisers.

OpenAds AI selects relevant ads and customizes them to fit your user experience.
Preserve user privacy. OpenAds targets what users want, not who they are. No cookies required.
Control your ad experience with ad templates that fit your UX instead of distracting from it.

Understand Your Users

Use OpenAds Analytics with or without ads.

Identify usage trends across prompts and measure user engagement by topic.
Learn which use cases drive the most revenue from advertisers

Understand Your Users With OpenAds Analytics

Identify usage trends across prompts and measure user engagement by topic, device type, and geography.

Learn what traffic drives the most revenue.

Get Started In Minutes

Add OpenAds' JavaScript snippet to your site. Our integrations team is ready to help.

Track your app's prompts
Pick where you want your ads
Design your ad slots to fit your content

Great Ads Solve Problems

AI is an opportunity to improve our ad experience on the Internet.

Privacy First

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Improve User Experience

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Quality icons

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Top privacy

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Transparency for Consumers

See what data the sites you use share with advertisers.

Relevant Ads for Publishers

Run ads that match the look and content of your site.

Creative Control for Advertisers

Control your ad experience. Give our AI as much or as little creative control and guidance as you like.

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